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Best suits for the "Larger Busted"

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Tara Grinna has long been known to have the best fitting underwire tops for larger busted women. "When I opened my own swimwear shop in 1987 I quickly realized that women with larger tops needed help. No swimwear label at that time was available to address this issue with modern styling for the lady who wanted to wear a 2 piece swimsuit. Roxanne was long known for bra sizing but for a more mature customer... Remember those hard pointy cups?

I knew it wouldn't be an easy undertaking. The wire had to be sturdy but not uncomfortable. The cups had to lift and separate so as to get rid of the dreaded "uniboob". The rib and back straps had to be strong enough to keep the bra from riding up in the back even when the straps had to be tight enough for the bra to give lift. Many things to consider when using fabrics that stretch in every direction work against your needs. Swimwear fabrics are very different in nature and stretch from lingerie fabrics, especially those which are devoted to large cup sizes. With all these demands in mind, and after a few trial and errors, and lots of time spent trying to find the exact parts to make it all possible, such as linings, elastics, clips, and outer fabrics, we produced a new product and referred to it as style 102.

Style 102 used an outer quality of fabric that consisted of a medium to heavy weight nylon and lycra blend. In the beginning, the majority of fabrics available were knitted with 2 way stretch called "rachel." Tricots soon followed and made for better fit with it's 4 way stretch and softer hand. The linings were actually just outer layer goods dyed in white, nude or black depending on the outer color. This combination of 2 layers of outer layer goods made for a great stretch, fit and supportive nature required in this style. The underwire was custom made to our specifications and consisted of a flat piece of non rust metal with dipped coated cushion ends so as to not poke thru the casings. Nylon casings for the underwire were multi layer for cushion feel and non poke thru of wire. Style 102 was fully lined, even the back pieces. No one did this at this time. Because the stretch of the fabric is more when a single layer is used, we needed to line the back rib straps to keep the stretch to a minimum. This would hold the non stretch front (non stretch in the area of the wires) and give enough rib support to keep the top level on the rib and back. Being level is the secret of the bra giving the breasts proper lift. A back band that is loose on the back and rib will only ride up the back and allow the breasts to sag and droop. (never good!) Once we achieved a supportive back band we then added strapping that is adjustable in length offering more stretchability for comfort, staying on the shoulder, and durability. A newer version has since been designed that offers a criss cross twist across the bustline. Style 142 The crossing fabric actually adds even more lift and support but that was not the original intention when designing this style. The fabric was meant to make this bra style top look less like a bra, to have the same flattering styling as our ever popular twist bandeau (style 136). Another advantage of this style is the ability to maneuver the fabric so to cover more of the breasts for a more conservative look.

From the success of this first top, we developed some options. The tankini style utilized all the components necessary for lift and support. Most tankinis do not have supportive back straps, so the "fly away" back was not only a style option, but a necessity. Many women worry about this back and that it will show too much "back fat" but when fit properly, the top covers just enough of the back area that this undesirable area is well concealed. The benefits of this type of back certainly outweigh any negative aspects. Its much cooler in hot weather to have a bit of air circulating through the mid section of the tankini and the "A line" cut is flattering to the mid section and conceals any tummy issues the wearer might have. This tankini top is actually our most popular style and is found in two style options. Like the 102 bra, the 112 style looks and fits most like a bra. The newer style 152 has the same styling as style 142 with the addition of the tankini part.

So look at styles, 102 and 112 if you prefer a two piece more bikini look. If a tankini is more your desire, look at styles 142 and 152. We guarantee these tops to be the most supportive bra style tankini tops in the Industry!

If you aren't sure what size you would wear, there is a video on our website that shows you how to measure for your size!

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